Phd Recipients

  • Korbaga Fantu Woldekidan, “Real-time fault detection method based on “virtual sensor” responses”,12/2013, Intern/Research Scientist at Siemans Corporate Research Center


  • Shewangizaw Semahegn,”An integrated approach for sustainable building performance analysis and optimization”, 12/2013


  • Jingjing (Sabrina) Wang,”Development of a micro-environmental sensor for indoor formaldehyde measurements”,12/2013(expected)
  • Kwang Hoon Han, “Signatures of material emissions by PTR-MS and Emission Source Identification”,12/2011, Post Doc at Syracuse University/BEESL
  • Zhiqiang Wang,”Combined physical and biological method for filtering indoor air”,12/2010, Senior Engineering Manager at Beijing R&D Center Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
  • Jingjing Pei, “Formaldehyde removal by sorbent-based air cleaners”,
    12/2010, Lecturer at Tianjin University
  • Wei (Kelvin) Feng, “Virtual building and living testbed”, 12/2010, Sr. Scientific Engineering Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Jianhua Zhao, “Characterization of material properties and prediction of their impact on building envelope performance”, 12/2010,Research Associate at Technische Universitat Dresden
  • Shaojie Wang, “Particle Deposition in Indoor Environment and Its Impact on IAQ”, 12/2010, Sr. Systems Engineer at Climate Master
  • Jing Xu, “VOC emissions from multilayer assemblies”, 9/2010, Staff Environmental Scientist at Arcadis
  • Zhi Gao, “Modeling particle dispersion and depositions in buildings”, 5/2010, Associate Professor at Nanjing University
  • Hui Li,”Combined heat, air, moisture and VOC transport inside/through wall assemblies”, 10/2007, Building Scientist at James Hardie Building Products
  • Andreas Nicolai, “Modeling salt transport and phase transition”, 11/2007, Leader of the Software Development and Trainee Department at the Institute of Building Climatology
  • Marcin Pazera, “Study of moisture transport in building materials in the wetting process”, 7/2007, Member of the Design and Development team at Centria
  • Wenhao Chen,”Ultra-Violet Photocatalytic Oxidation (UV-PCO) Technology for Removal of Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)”, 5/2007, Research Scientist at IAQ Section, California Department of Public Health
  • Awad Bodalal, “Fundamental mass transfer modeling of emission of volatile organic compounds from building materials”, 5/1999(Carleton U.),Member of the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa

M.S. Recipients

  • Denis Pradhan, 5/2012, Project Engineer at Atlas Copco Comptec
  • Zhigao Li, “Coupling between a Building Information Model (BIM) and a performance simulation program (CHAMPS-MULTIZONE)”,5/2011
  • Sunil Nair,”VOC removal performance of pellet/granular sorbent media – modeling and simulations”,7/2006
  • Nuan Li,”Modeling of the flow and reaction processes in O3 filters”, 05/2011, Structural Engineer at Magna International
  • John McKenzie,”Measurements of the heat and moisture transport/storage properties of a new membrane material for buildings”, 6/2006
  • Miao Yang,”Uncontrolled airflows in buildings and their impact on indoor air quality and building energy efficiency”,12/2005
  • Ilka Berrios, “Study of VOC emissions from office equipment and furnishings”,5/2005
  • Brett Spurrier,”Measurements and simulation of heat and moisture transport in an innovative wall system”,5/2005
  • Mangesh Busarka,”Development of a method for integrating IAQ simulation into building system designs”, 11/2003
  • Xingfeng Gao, “Development and analysis of an experimental method and procedure for determining the diffusion and partition coefficients of VOCs emitted from dry building materials”,12/2001