Air Cleaning Technology

  • Develop test methods for evaluating the performance of various stand-alone and in-duct air cleaning technologies and products
  • Develop model-based experimental methods for accelerated evaluation of sorption/filtration media
  • Develop models and simulation tools for optimal design of air cleaners that are customized to the environment of interest such as office and residential buildings, printing/copying shops, health care facilities and the industrial workplace
  • Develop and optimize air cleaning technologies including combinatorial sorption/filtration, UV-PCO, Vis-PCO, non-thermal plasma and bio-filtration
  • Develop a database of air cleaner performance for use in the CHAMP simulation environment

Our Research Facilities

  • A 6-channel filtration media testing facility built in accordance with the ASHRAE Standard 145
  • Two mid-scale and two full-scale environmental chambers for air cleaner testing and evaluation
  • Precision microbalance for the study of the sorption and desorption characteristics of sorption media
  • FTIR for measuring the material properties of catalytic surfaces
  • Micromeritics ASAP2020 Apparatus for measuring the surface area of sorption media
  • Small-scale environmental chambers and reactors for evaluating UV-PCO and Vis-PCO technologies

The Research Team

  • Dr. Jensen Zhang (Team Leader)
  • Ms. Beverly Guo
  • Mr. Zhenlei Liu
  • Mr. Jialei Shen

Other active collaborating faculty and researchers:

  • Dr. Bing Dong, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University
  • Dr. Dacheng Ren, Professor, Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, Syracuse University
  • Dr. Larry Tavlerides, Research Professor, Department of biomedical and Chemical Engineering, Syracuse University

Active Projects

  • Development of a comprehensive method for testing and evaluating the performance and efficacy of various air cleaning technologies
  • Formaldehyde removal technology development and evaluation
  • O3 removal technology development and evaluation
  • Botanical air cleaning technology development, evaluation and demonstration
  • Comparison of sorbent media performance under high and low concentration conditions

Past Projects

  • ACT-IAQ Air cleaning technology for indoor air quality (J. Zhang)
  • UV-PCO Optimal design of UV-PCO based air cleaners (W. Chen)
  • Vis-PCO Development of visible light-PCO based air cleaning technology (Z. Zhang)
  • ACT Evaluation 2 – Performance of air cleaners for particulates and VOCs removal (W. chen)
  • ACT Evaluation 1 – Performance of air cleaners for VOC removal (W. Chen)